Hunger-Relief Partners

Heritage Gardens provides thousands of pounds of quality fresh produce every year to several food banks and soup kitchens in the Torrington-Winsted area during the spring, summer, and fall.

We believe that even the least fortunate in our communities need (and deserve) access to quality, fresh, and nutritious vegetables.

Our donations help to stretch the budgets of both the organizations and their clients, as well as increase the availability of nutritionally dense foods to those that may be forced to forego them because of expense.


Over the last several years we have served the following hunger-relief organizations:

  • The Open Door Soup Kitchen, Winsted

  • The Methodist Church Food Bank, Winsted

  • The Community Soup Kitchen, Torrington

  • The Connecticut Food Bank, New Haven

If you are a representative of a local hunger-relief organization, contact John to discuss how Heritage Gardens can help meet the needs of your organization and your clients.




     Business       Partners

Heritage Gardens also partners with local produce retailers and other food businesses to offer the freshest and highest quality in-season produce available.

Our business partners provide us an additional revenue stream to help finance the Food Bank Farm project and serve as willing ambassadors of our mission to the general community.


In 2018 we are partnered with the following businesses:

  • The Health Food Corner, Winsted

  • The Act Natural Health and Wellness Center, Torrington

  • Sweet Harvest LLC Farm and Food Truck

  • Healing Meals, Avon

If you are a representative of a local store that would like to offer high-quality fresh-from-the-garden produce, contact John to learn how we can provide your business bottom-line solutions to your produce sales, increase quality, decrease inventory, and reduce shrink.

If you are a representative or chef from a local restaurant or bed-and-breakfast, contact John to learn how Heritage Gardens can help you provide the highest quality, best-tasting, organically-grown produce for your discerning customers.

Plant Sale Fundraiser

Heritage Gardens offers a generous commission Plant Sale Fundraiser for local schools and nonprofits.

Our organically grown vegetable and herb plants are grown by us with lots of TLC.  They are of the highest quality, very healthy, hardened-off, and ready for your garden.  Plants are typically ready between Mother's Day and Memorial Day.


We have offered fundraising events for the following organizations:

  • Explorations Charter High School Senior Class, Winsted

  • PEACCE Robotics Club, Winsted


If you are a representative of a local school or charitable organization, contact John to learn how we can help you create an easy-to-run and profitable Plant Sale Fundraiser.